Huge Titan

In the popular anime TV series “Attack on Titan” (2013-2022), there are gigantic, humanoid creatures known as titans. The titans range from a few meters in height to over 50 meters tall. Most of them wander around mindlessly, eating people as food.

There are some abnormal titans that show some strange behaviors and are harder to predict. A small number of titans are extremely powerful and intelligent. In this blog post, we will explain the titans are and the story behind them.

How It Began

It is said at the beginning of the story that the titans suddenly appeared a hundred years ago and almost wiped out all human life. The King built 3 layers of walls (Maria, Rose, and Sina) to protect humans from the Titans, each wall towering 50 meters in height.

It was peaceful inside the walls for 100 years until one day, suddenly out of nowhere, people saw a huge titan poking from the top of Wall Maria, the outermost wall. The huge titan (Colossus Titan) kicks open a big hole in Wall Maria for other smaller titans to get inside and feed on the humans.

Eren Jaeger, one of the main characters witnessed his mother being eaten by a smiling titan. This event fueled his desire to fight back and kill all the titans and protect humanity.

He joined the Survey Corps along with his step sister, Mikasa Ackerman and best friend, Armin Arlert. One has great inner strength, one has a tremendous strength, and one has an amazing intellect.

What Are the Titans?

Ymir Fritz, the founder of the Eldian Empire, acquired the power of the titans around 1900 years ago. She became the Founder Titan and created the Eldian Empire.

After the power of the titans is activated, those who inherited the power will perish within 13 years. This is known as the “Curse of Ymir”. The founder Ymir also died around that time. After that, her spirit separated into the Nine Titans.

The Eldians, also known as the subjects of Ymir, can become pure titans if injected with the titan fluid. This titan fluid is revealed to be the titan spinal fluid. Titans look similar to humans but have some kinds of deformities.

Pure Titans

A pure titan (a normal titan, or a regular titan) is a mindless titan wandering around with the intent to consume humans as food. They were used in the war and for political reasons. Pure titans can vary in size, but most are around 2-15 meters tall.

Most titans don’t need to eat but they need sunlight for energy. Titans can regenerate any lost limbs and the titan body parts are extremely light compared to their sizes.

If these regular titans eat people who possess the power of 9 titans, they will revert back to the human form and inherit the power of the titans from those they ate. This is how the power of the Nine Titans passes on from one generation to the next along with the Curse of Ymir.

Abnormal Titans

An abnormal titan differ from the normal titans because it shows signs of intelligence. Its behavior is harder to predict and it is much more dangerous to fight with.

There are a small number of abnormal titans that are extremely powerful and intelligent. Titans’ appearances vary based on the people as well as the titan fluid.

The Nine Titans

The 9 Titans are the most powerful titans alive in Attack on Titan series. Those who inherited the power of the Nine Titans are known as titan shifters. A titan shifter can go back and forth between the human form and the huge titan form.

To transform into the titan form, a titan shifter may injure himself in order to bleed. The titan body then would manifests around him out of thin air. The person is at the nape of the titan body, controlling it. They can get out of the titan forms at will or can be forced out by others.

In the beginning of the story, the Marleyans controlled seven of the nine titans, whereas the other two titans were on the Eldians’ side on Paradis Island.

Attack Titan

Eren’s Attack Titan has the ability to transcend time and always fight for freedom. The titan shifter with this power inherits not only the memories of those before him but also the memories of those after him, so he can see into the future.

Founding Titan

Founding Titan is the most powerful titan and can control all other titans. To gain this power, the inheriter needs to have to be connected to the royal blood. This titan shifter can also control and change the memories of the Eldians.

Armored Titan

Armored Titan is a huge titan that possesses immense strength and durability. It has a hard outer shell that covers its body, making it immune to blades and gunfire. The Armored Titan can crush buildings and walls with ease.

Colossal Titan (A.K.A. Colossus Titan)

When someone looks up “huge titan” online, they would find images of the Colossus Titan. In the anime, this titan is massive and stands at an impressive height of 60 meters.

This titan is stronger than other titans and can emit heat and steam. When a titan shifter changes into the Colossal Titan form, the transformation generates a massive mushroom cloud and heat that can incinerate anything in the vicinity, much like a destructive bomb.

Beast Titan

The Beast Titan can speak human language and can throw objects with extreme accuracy, speed, and strength.

Female Titan

Female Titan is extremely agile and fast. It is also able to harden its skin to protect itself from attacks. She can also scream to summon regular titans, but those titans will rush in to eat her body.

Jaw Titan

Jaw Titan is the fastest titan. He also has a sharp jaw that can easily bite through almost anything.

Cart Titan

Cart Titan is fast and has strong endurance. She can stay in the titan form for a long period of time and carry various things on her back, like a cart or fitted with armor to fight.

War Hammer Titan

War Hammer Titan has the ability to form different weapons from its flesh. The War Hammer titan shifter can control this titan body from afar.

Wall Titans

The Wall Titans are the huge titans that were trapped inside the walls. They have hardening abilities and are blocked from sunlight. The walls are used to protect the humans from the other titans outside the walls. They are similar in appearance to the Colossal Titan.

The King threatened that if the walls were breached, titans within the walls would come out and flatten the entire world.

Royal Family’s Titans

The Reiss royal family has passed down the Founding Titan, the most powerful Titan, from one generation to another, such as from King Rod Reiss’ brother to Frieda Reiss. But Grisha Jaeger’s took the power from Frieda Reiss and Eren got the power from his father.

When the Founding Titan is owned by a royal family member, that person is also restricted by the King’s vow of renouncing war, preventing them from using the Founding Titan’s power to the fullest.

Titan shifters with royal blood are able to utilize the titan power more than other titan shifters. For example, Zeke Jaegar, who is the son of Grisha Jaeger and Dina Fritz (the last descendent of the royal family on the mainland), can turn Subjects of Ymir into titans by just screaming.

When the King turned into a titan, Rod Reiss titan size was gigantic. Reiss’ titan is about twice as large as Colossal Titan.

The King first tried to convince his daughter, Historia Reiss, to inherit the titan power by injecting her with the titan serum then eating Eren. But Historia fought back and threw away the titan fluid syringe.

Rod swallowed the titan serum instead of injecting it, so he didn’t use the titan serum correctly. However, the serum Reiss consumed might have been more powerful than the titan serum resulting in the huge Rod Reiss titan size.

Closing on What Is a Huge Titan?

A huge titan is a powerful titan that is much larger in size than the standard-sized titans. There are many different types of huge titans, such as Founding Titan, Armored Titan, Attack Titan, Female Titan, Beast Titan, Jaw Titan, War Hammer Titan, Wall Titans, and Rod Reiss’ huge titan form.

The Colossal Titan (A.K.A. Colossus Titan) appears at the beginning and can emit heat and steam. The Wall Titans are the huge titans that were trapped inside the walls.

This concludes my list of the huge titans in the Attack on Titan series. I hope you have found this information informative and interesting. If you have not watched Attack on Titan, I highly recommend that you do so. It is an amazing anime with intense action and plot with a 9.1 IMDB rating. Thanks for reading!