Mike Wazowski: The Loveable Monster

Michael “Mike” Wazowski is one of the most popular monsters from the hit Disney Pixar movies, Monsters Inc. and Monster University. This little one-eyed green monster with two horns and two little legs aspires to work in Monsters Inc. as a scarer, but his adorable appearance is more likely to bring laughter than screams.

Here’s the story of how Mike Wazowski became the funny little green monster we all know and love.

Billy Crystal Is the Voice of Mike Wazowski

Billy Crystal is the voice of Mike Wazowski in the Disney Pixar’s Monsters Inc. and Monsters University movies. He was born on March 14th, 1948, in Manhattan, New York. As a youngster, Billy was charming and optimistic. He had a gift for making people laugh that no one else possessed.

He began performing stand-up comedy when he was 16 after his father died when he was 15. After appearing in a few TV shows in the 1970s, Billy got his big break as one of the cast members of the Saturday Night Live TV show. From there, he starred in a number of hit movies, including When Harry Met Sally and Analyze This. He lent his voice to Mike Wazowski in the movie Monsters Inc., and reprised the role in the prequel Monsters University.

How Did Mike Wazowski Become One of the Most Popular Pixar’s Monsters?

Thanks to Billy Crystal, Mike Wazowski became one of the most popular monsters from Disney Pixar’s Monsters Inc. Unlike another Disney Pixar’s green monster, Shrek, Mike is a small monster that has difficulties making children scared. He is best friends with James P. Sullivan (Sulley) and the two work at Monsters, Inc., where they terrorize children in order to harvest their screams as a potent energy source.

This green monster with one eye is shown to be self-assured and intelligent. However, Mike grew up lonely, and he still have difficulties making friends. Because of his small size, Mike was often bullied by other monsters. It wasn’t until Mike met Sulley that he finally had someone to call a friend.

The two became inseparable, and they went on to have many adventures together. But how did Mike met with Sulley?

It All Started at Monsters University

Mike and Sulley first met at Monsters University scare program, where young monsters learn to become professional scarers. Mike thought Sulley was arrogant and did not like him at first but Sulley helped Mike win the Scare Games.

Mike and Sulley became friends, but Sulley cheated and Mike couldn’t collect a child’s scream, so they were expelled from the university. They attempted to get jobs in the Monster, Inc. mailroom and eventually got to work on the scare floor.

Mike and Sulley on the Scare Floor

Sulley is a natural at scaring children and becomes a top scarer while Mike works as his assistant since Mike is not very good at scaring children. One night, they accidentally let a child, Boo, into the monster world and have to get her back to the human world before other monsters find out. This little girl is not scared of monsters at all and becomes fond of Sulley

Sulley attempts to hide the girl in his bag and, later, a monster costume. If someone discovers there is a human, they will be in big trouble. The characters in the film go through a lot of fun and exciting adventures and join forces in fighting with the villain, Randall Boggs, another top performer in the company.

In the end, the company Monsters Inc. created the laugh floor after figuring out that laughter generates a lot more energy than screams. Mike becomes the top performer in the company as he effortlessly generate laughs by telling jokes. Mike also repairs the broken door to Boo’s room, allowing Sulley visit Boo again.

Mike Wazowski Meme

Mike is one of the most popular Disney Pixar characters and has won the hearts of children and adults around the world. Thanks to Billy Crystal’s voice acting and comedic talent, Mike is funny and lovable.

After the release of Monsters University, Mike memes became popular on the internet. He is often used in jokes and memes with funny expressions and often times with his face swapped with Sulley’s face.

An image of Mike crying with tears coming out from two sides or his eye vs from the middle was posted on Twitter by a user, and it received a lot of comments and retweets.

If you search for “Mike Wazowski Meme” on the internet, you’ll find a lot of images. Mike is a sort of fun character that people can’t help but love.

Concluding on Mike Wazowski

Mike Wazowski is one of the most popular Pixar monsters thanks to his funny expressions and lovable personality. Billy Crystal’s voice acting and comedic talent make this monster loved by children and adults alike.

If you have searched for funny memes online, you have probably seen images of Mike Wazowski, often with two eyes instead of one eye with Sulley’s face. If you haven’t, don’t miss out! Go ahead and search for them – you’re sure to get a good laugh and become a Mike fan. Thanks for reading!