What’s So Special About Lego Piece 26047?

There’s a meme on the internet lately for people to google Lego piece 26047. It’s not the most glamorous or intricate piece in the Lego universe, but it has a certain appeal that sets it apart from other pieces.

What is it that makes this little Lego piece so special? Don’t look up Lego 26047 and then despair. Let’s take a closer look!

When Lego Piece 26047 Is Sus

The popular Lego piece became a meme in March 2021, when the TikToker @boyfriend.xmi uploaded it to Tiktok. The video was viewed over 223,000 times within six days. Internet users urge others not to google lego 26047. The video was subsequently posted on YouTube site.

While most people might not understand the meme, if you play the game Among Us, you will notice right away when you google search for Lego piece 26047 that it looks like one of the players in a spacesuit!

What Is Among Us?

Among Us was created by American game studio Innersloth. It is an online murder-mystery game in which players work together to restore their damaged spacecraft and figure out who the bad guys are. There are two randomly assigned roles in Among Us: you are either an imposter (a bad guy) or a crewmate (a good guy) at the start of each game.

The crewmates are in the dark about who the imposters are, but the imposters are the exact opposite, they know who everyone is. the goals of the Impostors are killing all of the crew members or creating a disaster before the crewmembers become suspicious of him or her.

Imposters will lie, sabotage equipment, and make up fake tasks to make it look like they are working hard. If a body is found, players can hold an emergency meeting to discuss who the murderer might be.

The crewmates must discover who the imposters are and vote them off the ship while completing tasks to fix the spaceship. If the imposters are all caught, the good guys win!

The Light Bluish Gray Imposter

Lego piece 26074 comes in many colors. Some of which match the colors of the players in Among Us, including dark blue, sand green, dark turquoise, reddish brown, light blue, pearl gold, yellow, tan, orange, and black.

Among Us fans will also be quick to point out that this particular piece has one node and a bar handle, which appear to be similar to a helmet and its glass screen, two legs, and missing arms, just like the characters in Among Us.

How to Get Lego Piece 26047

The lego piece is not available for purchase on the lego website, but it can be found on other websites like eBay. The prices for lego piece 26047 vary depending on the seller and condition of the lego piece.

Closing on What’s So Special About Lego Piece 26047

Lego Piece 26047 is an interesting lego piece that not many people know about. It has become a meme among fans of the game Among Us because it looks like one of the characters in the game.

If you own some sets of Lego, you may have some already. Otherwise, you can get them on eBay!